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Why you should choose Scripted Hosting

Anti DDoS

Our unique DDoS Protection will detect DDoS attacks, 24/7/365. If someone DDoS's you, our DDoS system will immediately turn on and will filter out the attack. Your servers will stay online the entire time, without any lag.

Unlimited Bandwidth

With unlimited bandwidth usage, and an insane speed of 10GB per second, your entire server will be running at amazingly fast speeds - lag will be a thing of the past.

24/7 Support

Our support team is here for you 24 hours a day, so no matter what your query is, we will always be here for you.

Extreme Scalability

Rely on a fully scalable environment! Enjoy flexibility and full control - upgrade to higher plans and boost necessary resources to benefit from cost-effective solutions for your growing demands.

Free Site Transfer

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to manage your hosting. In addition to our outstanding support, our package configuration gives you all the tools you need to be in control of your setup and we do also provide free site migration.

Solid Performance

Preserve your online performance – we guarantee 99.9% uptime. If we’re wrong - we generously compensate our customers by offering a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What Scripted Hosting has to offer

Minecraft Hosting

Starting from


Unlimited Slots

Unlimited Plugins

Free MySQL Database

Unmonitored FTp Access

Free Premium DDoS Protection

Frankfurt, Germany

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Website Hosting

Starting from


Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited Storage

cPanel Control Panel

Free SSL & SSD

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Garrys Mod Server Hosting

Starting from


100% of 1 High-End CPU Core (Dedicated only to you)

Premium DDoS Protection

Free MySQL Database

Hosted in LA California

Quality Support

Comming Soon!

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Starting from


Up to 63 Cores

Up to 488GB of RAM

1 GBPS Uplink

Windows(no extra cost) & Linux OS Templates

SSD Storage

Instant Setup

KVM Virtualization

High Availability

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Comming Soon!

Dedicated Server Hosting

Starting from


Up to 63 Cores

Up to 488GB of RAM

Full SSD

10 GBPS Uplink

Free SSL & SSD

Comming Soon!

RDP Server Hosting

Starting from


Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8890 v4 24 core

96 GB Ram

1 GBPS Download/Upload Speed

Hosted in Netherlands

Never Oversell

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